Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning For Dogs

We received discounted anesthesia free dental cleanings from Pearly White Pets for Bif and Doc in return for an honest review on Instagram. We wanted to also share our experience on the blog. All opinions are our own and a positive review was not required. Use code: PUFFTALES20 for $20 off your first cleaning!

The Puffs are ready for their first anesthesia free cleaning.

It was a very exciting day last Friday, when the dogs went in for their first anesthesia free teeth cleaning. Their teeth had yellowed over time, and their breath was starting to get bad. Their teeth were very pearly white when they were done.

Why do dogs need dental cleanings?

Dogs need clean teeth just as much as humans do. They are at risk of gum disease and jaw problems just like humans. The best approach is to start caring for their teeth with them as puppies, and do daily tooth brushing just like humans.

Let’s be honest, many people don’t do this with their dogs. They often buy treats or toys to help minimize tartar and plaque build up. They hope for the best, and often ignore the reality that dogs can experience pain, bone loss, and other dental problems just like humans do.

Often they wait until their dog has such horrible dental problems they lose teeth, sometimes a lot of teeth.

The Puffs’ human recently met the people with Pearly White Pets at a local pet show. She was impressed to find an option for teeth cleaning that was less physically taxing on the dogs, and would get the tartar and plaque off the teeth.

Like many pet owners, she has bought toothbrushes and toothpaste for her dogs, and given treats to try and keep the teeth clean. The reality is both dogs had increasingly yellow teeth and were getting bad breath.

What is anesthesia free dental cleaning?

How do they do it, cleaning teeth without anesthesia? Well, the technicians at Pearly White Pets are trained in calming techniques, such as swaddling and scents in the room. The technicians are sitting with the dogs in constant contact with them while they clean the teeth, which also helps keep them calm. As for the actual cleaning part, they use an ultrasonic scaler, subgingival hand tools, and a high velocity polisher to make sure the teeth are cleaned above and below the gum line. They provided a dental report card and before and after photos too.

Chinese Crested Powder puff swaddled and ready for anesthesis free cleaning
Bif is all swaddled and ready for his anesthesia free cleaning.
photo of dog teeth before anesthesia free cleaning
Here are Bif’s teeth before the cleaning.
dog teeth after anesthesia free cleaning
Look how nice and clean Bif’s teeth look!

In the veterinary world there is some controversy about anesthesia free teeth cleaning for dogs. Some vets will not advise this type of care. It is important to remember, this is teeth cleaning, much like a hygienist does for human teeth. Getting teeth cleaned by a hygienist is great, but is not a complete substitution for also seeing a dentist.

For this reason, it is important for people know the anesthesia free cleaning is a great way to routinely keep teeth clean, but is not a substitute for the additional dental care a veterinarian can provide through x-rays and other more sophisticated diagnostic tools.

The Puffs will continue to get both kinds of dental care, and their human is excited to have a new resource for keeping their teeth pearly white between more major dental exams.

The Puffs’ human was very happy with the care that her dogs received, and their teeth are now so nice and clean!

If you have questions about what Pearly White Pets does and their process, please contact them. They are happy to answer your questions.
Use code: PUFFTALES20 for $20 off your first cleaning!

Anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs.
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